Test automation and software craftsmanship

Benjamin Bischoff, Test Automation Engineer at trivago N.V. (ex Senior Automation Engineer at Ubisoft Düsseldorf)

As part three of my card magic and software series for Youtube, I created "A Card Trick About Onboarding". Enjoy!

Following my last video "A Card Trick About Unit Tests", I produced another one. This time it is "A Card Trick About Software Requirements.

As a close-up magician, I always think of combining magic and the subjects I get in touch with during my workday. So I created a card trick about unit tests.

In magic, one of the greatest challenges is framing. That means finding a context for your effect. In this article of the "Magic principles in test automation" series, I will talk about this.

This is part four of the mini series "Magic principles in test automation". Forcing has multiple meaning in magic as well as software development - in this article I will try to explain both.

This is a new entry in the series "Magic principles in test automation". Today, I will cover the topic of repetition. To read the last one, please check out Magic principles in test automation: Misdirection.