Public Speaking and Procrastination


Speaking at a tech conference is an enriching experience that not only allows you to share your expertise but also enables you to network with industry professionals and build your personal brand.

Many people in the tech industry have thought about speaking at a conference, but it can be quite overwhelming to find a good place to start. This begins with overcoming fear, finding a good topic, figuring out how and where to submit your talk ideas, and finally preparing a presentation and delivering it confidently. In this session, I will go over the process I went through to finally speak at a conference. I will cover points such as finding a topic selection, give tips on how to submit abstracts, and how to deal with rejection and acceptance of your topic. I will also explain my procrastinatory approach to calls for papers which I always use when coming up with new talk ideas.


  • Understand the process of speaking at a conference
  • Get inspired to try public speaking for yourself
  • Learn about helpful tips and tricks for calls for papers, dealing with rejection and feedback etc.


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