My Open Source Projects

This page lists my open source projects that are available on GitHub.

Cluecumber Report Plugin

Cluecumber Report Plugin

Clear and Concise Cucumber Reporting for Maven

This Maven plugin creates aggregated test reports from Cucumber compatible JSON files that are generated by Cucumber BDD, Karate and other frameworks.

Cluecumber on Github

Sandboy Surefire Reporting


Clear and concise Surefire reporting!

Sandboy is a very clear and concise alternative report generator for Surefire XML files. These are generated by Maven Surefire and Maven Failsafe when running unit or integration tests.

Sandboy Surefire Reporting on Github

Property Aggregator

Property Aggregator

Aggregate all properties into a single source of truth!

This project takes care of various properties sources in Java like system and environment variables as well as properties files. It allows you to specify which sources override others, filter them and give them default values in order to have one single aggregated source of application properties.

Property Aggregator on Github

Cucable Plugin

Cucable Plugin

Run Cucumber Scenarios in Parallel with Maven

Cucable is a Maven plugin for Cucumber scenarios that simplifies fine-grained and efficient parallel test runs.

Cucable on Github

Unity Sprite Animator

Sprite Animator

Animate Sprites for lively game UIs in Unity 3D Projects

An easy way to animate sprites within image components - especially for use in UIs. It supports various animation methods as well as triggers that can be used to react to specific frames in the animation.

Sprite Animator on Github