Unity Game Development

Laxersaz is a duo from Düsseldorf, Germany, that existed first as a music project from 1999 on before we discovered the joy of making games.

Heinz Kessler is the graphics, animation and 3D part whereas all code is done by me. The game design and sound part is done by both.

We have been making games since the year 2000, mostly in Flash and ActionScript. After moving into different fields of employment and not doing any game development for many years, we decided in 2019 to learn Unity together to pick up this hobby again and learn more about interactive 3D environments, C# and game design.

So far, we have finished and published the following games for free.

Pressure Plunge

You want to set a new deep diving record with your diving bell. You have to avoid the moving rocks, otherwise you will lose precious breathable air. You steer the diving bell left and right with the [Arrow keys]. With [Space] you can slow it down. Be careful, this also consumes air... Good luck on your way down and back to the surface - dive deeper and use your air well! Start the game with [Enter] - it starts right away! With [P] you can take a short toilet break during your journey. This is our entry for the Brackeys Game Jam 2023.2 with the theme "Diving Deeper": https://itch.io/jam/brackeys-10

Aqua Avenger

You control a submarine that travels through the ocean to collect garbage. You need garbage to refuel energy for travelling and shooting. Dodge obstacles and defend your submarine against attacking fish. When your energy level reaches zero, it's game over. Reach the magic shell to win!

The Dübener Collection

The "Dübener Collection" combines classical and modern sausage art under one roof. In four halls built by Walter Gropius in the Bauhaus style, everything that is internationally renowned is shown in numerous special shows. We show you works by renowned artists such as Dürer, Rembrand, Vermeer, Rubens, van Gogh, Monet, Chagall, Marc, Delacroix, Matisse, Macke, Toulouse-Lautrec, Turner, Picasso, Gurski, Landbloom and many others who have worked on the themes of sausage, cowboys and flamingos.

Love & Cheese

You are a mouse and want to visit your mouse friends. Of course, you want to bring enough cheese for everyone. To do this, you have to choose the right path at each of ten forks in the road. The right way is marked with exactly the same cheese picture you are thinking of. But be careful - the differences are not always easy to spot. This was our entry for the Brackeys Game Jam 2022.2 themed "You are not alone".

Space Delivery

You are the "Space Delivery Boy" and you have to collect "ingredients" and deliver them to the food stalls on the "Food Stall Planet". You have 3 minutes for each order. But make sure you always have enough gas in your rocket backpack! The goal of the game is to earn 1000 credits.

White Nights In Pyongyang

You are very hungry in a cold and dark city. Luckily there is a sausage stand that is not closed yet! But hurry up, you have only 70 seconds to get there! This was our entry for the Brackeys Game Jam 2022.1 themed "It's not real".


The king has a mind of his own. He will follow the direct path to the goal without care. But beware -countless traps are in his way! You'll control his loyal subjects, who will do everything to make sure the king reaches the finish line in one piece.

Captain Chaos vs Inspector Tic

You are the world famous superhero Captain Chaos. When your archenemy, Inspector Tic, is imprisoned in the mirror dimension, you agree to stand by his side despite the old enmity. After all, it's very boring without enemies. Can you free him and finally get your nemesis back? This was our entry for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2 themed "let there be chaos".


Guide your ball through 50 completely different courses - from mazes to giant robots to a pool table! Break the course records if you can. This game only requires a mouse.


You work for the Toxo Group. Their mission: to develop all energy sources! However - evil robots want to prevent this with all means. You have to work fast and accurately if you want to have a chance!