Test automation and software craftsmanship

Benjamin Bischoff, Test Automation Engineer at trivago N.V. (ex Senior Automation Engineer at Ubisoft Düsseldorf)

As part three of my card magic and software series for Youtube, I created "A Card Trick About Onboarding". Enjoy!

Following my last video "A Card Trick About Unit Tests", I produced another one. This time it is "A Card Trick About Software Requirements.

As a close-up magician, I always think of combining magic and the subjects I get in touch with during my workday. So I created a card trick about unit tests.

The code examples for my presentation "Simplifying your test runs with Make" for Nordic Testing Days 2021 are now online on Github.

Ben Dowen (known as @FullSnackTester on Twitter) nominated me as "Tester of the Day" and I feel very honored I get to carry the title for today.

Check out the whole list here: testeroftheday.com - you can also nominate someone there!

I was part of the new episode of the Ministry of Testing Podcast alongside Melissa Benua and Mike Lang. We talked about the topic of Testability testing. Listen to it on the Ministry of Testing website!