Benjamin Bischoff on test automation and software craftsmanship

I am a test automation engineer at trivago N.V. (ex Senior Automation Engineer at Ubisoft Düsseldorf) writing and talking about software development and testing.

Check out my book "Writing API Tests with Karate"!

I was recently interviewed by Tushar Kashyap, Manager Automation & security testing at

You can read the complete interview on the BugRaptors website.

I just released my new open source project "Sandboy Surefire Reporting". It is a very clear and concise alternative report generator for Surefire XML files.

In about seven years of being active in software testing, I never got to experience any one of the Agile Testing Days conferences as a visitor or speaker. So I was very thrilled when two of my submitted papers were accepted for AgileTD in Cologne, Germany.

Writing a book is a daunting task, especially when it's about a technical topic like API testing with Karate. This is my journey from the first empty page to the finished book which officially launched today!

I was interviewed by Publishing about the process of writing the book "API Testing with Karate" with them.

You can read the complete interview on the Packt website.

I was a guest at Joe Colantonio's Test Guild automation podcast. We spoke about various automation topics, the Karate framework, my new book and code smells.

Head to the to Test Guild website to watch or listen!