Benjamin Bischoff on test automation and software craftsmanship

I am a test automation engineer at trivago N.V. (ex Senior Automation Engineer at Ubisoft Düsseldorf) writing and talking about software development and testing.

Check out my book "Writing API Tests with Karate"!

I was a guest at Joe Colantonio's Test Guild automation podcast. We spoke about various automation topics, the Karate framework, my new book and code smells.

Head to the to Test Guild website to watch or listen!

My book "Writing API Tests with Karate" is finally available for pre-order! 📙

If you're interested in API #testing in general, or the powerful Karate testing framework in particular, this book is for you. 🥋

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I revisited Chicago after 13 years, this time to attend my first overseas conference as a speaker - I presented my talk "Identifying Code Smells". This is my review of the conference.

I spoke about "Identifying Code Smells" at SeleniumConf Chicago 2023! This was my first public overseas conference talk ever!

I was featured on the current BrowserStack Champions Spotlight.

Here you can read the full interview on the BrowserStack blog.

The recording of my conversation about "API vs. UI Testing" with Peter Thomas and Kapil Bakshi from Karate Labs is now available! Watch us agree and disagree on a lot of test automation and software development topics!